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Kong fought many wars conquering its neighbors and taking control of the very lucrative trade economy that existed in the area.The capital city of Kong (pictured above) later became a commercial center and known for Islamic studies.(present day Ghana).This is believed to be why European interest in the rich African continent grew.It would be another 100 years before European ships arrived on the West African coast.

The vast majority came from Western Africa (shaded area below) whose history is a story of the rise and fall of many kingdoms and empires.

Nubia, also known as Cush, built more pyramids (pictured above) than Egypt, albeit smaller, and eventually conquered and ruled Egypt during its 25th Dynasty (760 BC–656 BC).

Although not located in western Africa some suggest archaeological evidence and written Egyptian records may prove ties existed between Ancient Egypt, Nubia, and the Sao/Gajiganna – Zilum Civilizations.

While Europe descended into its “Dark Age” after the fall of the Roman Empire, West Africa was ascending into what many consider to be its Golden Age.

The following are a few highlights about this period.