Aquarius male dating pisces female

While he cares deeply, he does not want to spend long hours verbally dissecting every part of the relationship.He can also be indecisive and will look towards his partner to take the steering wheel on decisions.He wants to understand both the needs and desires of any lover he has.He will often look at her like a project that he needs to understand in order to be able to finish.While this may not be too large of a concern, the two sides need be careful since Capricorn may become annoyed by Pisces' perceived frivolous nature.

Neither one of these signs is big on rushing or fusing, so they mesh together well as a result.

Capricorn's passion for loyalty will comfort and warm Pisces.

While Pisces dreams lofty and imaginative dreams, Capricorn can use her focus to make these dreams a reality for the two of them.

In relationships, she means what she says and doesn't want to have a partner who second guesses that.

Capricorn women seek a strong bond with their partner and a communal relationship.