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UL Lafayette evolved into a national research university as noted by its Carnegie R2 categorization as a "Doctoral University: Higher Research Activity." It offers Louisiana's only Ph. in francophone studies, Louisiana's only master's of informatics, and Louisiana's only industrial design degree. Department of Agriculture cited the center for six potential violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) which the government alleges lead to the death of one monkey, injuries to another and the escape of five from their enclosure.

The university has achieved several milestones in computer science, engineering and architecture. The university receives more research money than all of the other ULS schools combined, and is rated one of the top 100 public research universities in the nation according to a 2010 report by The Nelson A. In 2008, the Humane Society of the United States conducted an undercover investigation in the center which found monkeys being shot with sedation guns while in their cages, one monkey repeatedly hit by a worker in the teeth with a metal pole and another worker striking an infant monkey among other apparent AWA violations. The university graduates about 1,700 students each fall and spring.

Court documents state the student's relationship with James began shortly after her father died, included going jogging together, and became sexual when she was 17 years old, in about 1994.

James retired in June 2015 after almost three decades as a West Aurora High School math teacher and student council adviser.

I wondered at the azure blue dragonflies alighting on my shoulders, the alligators peering from among the lilies, and the herons and ducks and egrets reminding us of the shallow water as they walked near the boat.

And I thought about the Cajuns, harvesting these cypress trees in the mid-18th and 19th centuries, trees that grow slowly, struggling after all these years to once again fill the swamp.

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Prosecutors also want to admit a sampling of other items found on James' laptop computer, including thousands of photos and videos of child pornography. ” Dressed for the day in a skull-covered pirate dress, over-sized spider rings, and spiky heels, I hollered at him as I ran back to the house for my flip-flops and bug spray: “Swamp tour? ” In Lafayette we joined our friends the Pistos and Ricciardis, visiting from Carmel in search of southwest Louisiana’s best boudin and pecan pie, as Chef John Pisto scouted locations for his television cooking show. Captain David accelerated into the makeshift waterway for less than a minute before turning hard right into the lilies, the cypress knees, and the shallow black water.The closest I’d gotten to an airboat was reruns of Gentle Ben (1967-1969). There is the strength, the marrow of Nature.” -Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) I thought of the magnificent things I’ve seen in my life —- our week-long rafting trip on the Colorado River; the birth of my nephews; the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence —- and I recognized immediately such an event.” Dripping in green gradeaux,* we ladies wrung out our clothes and wiped our tears (of laughter or disbelief or some swamp disease or whatever) with the towel, while the men worried about the dead engine. “This water can’t be more than five or six feet, and you ladies are already wet…” I gave him the scariest look I could muster and then laughed some more, imagining us standing in the black swamp water fifty feet below the highway, waving down a passing motorist.At last the engine caught and we sped back to Mc Gee’s Landing, where whiskey seemed the only suitable libation to recount our adventure and toast the dry land.