Dating website for pot smokers

to love it, too — or at least to be cool with your lifestyle.

If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect pot-loving someone, Peckler can help.

The possibilities are endless.420 Singles has a considerably larger pool of attractive potheads to choose from.

Moreover, this app helps to learn about the smoking rituals and practices of other cultures.

Don’t let the pampering end with the honeymoon: Make it a weekly tradition to have an indulgent night soaking in Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath and a rub-down with the company’s silky massage oil.

Don’t miss out on introducing weed to the bedroom: Get your vagina stoned with weed-infused lubes like Foria’s; try Sexxpot, a marijuana strain designed to heighten pleasure; or step up your massage game with BOND, a sensual cannabis oil.

If you’re looking for a date night to top all date nights, Cultivating Spirits in Colorado has you covered.

This posh company will pick you up in a limo and escort you through an evening of locally harvested cannabis, fine wines, and a gourmet meal.

For now, options are clustered in the states that have legalized pot, but as legalization spreads, so will your options for adding weed to your love life. If you’re more of a face-to-face dater, consider dating events like these "Single Speakeasy" gatherings hosted by pro-weed wedding planner Love and Marij and cannabis-friendly dating expert Molly Peckler.

Love and Marij, which connects couples with 420-friendly vendors, is a handy resource, as is pro-weed, Colorado-based wedding planner Irie Weddings and Events.

Come wedding day, you can express your love for weed subtly, for example by rocking a hemp wedding dress — or, depending on your state’s laws, something as upfront as providing your guests a full-on cannabis bar.

Hint: Below are 3 apps stoners can find love, friendship or just their next dealer. Like I said before, it’s common knowledge smoking weed makes us horny as hell, so why not take care of both needs at once?

Have you ever thought to yourself “gee, I wish I had someone to smoke and have sex with? High There , an app available for i Phone or Android, is like Tinder for stoners, with an emphasis on linking like-minded individuals based on their smoking habits and preferences.