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These groups receive benefits and ticket discounts not available to individual fans or the general public.Build a group of 50 supporters to sign up to your future Super Fan Club.Cape Town City FC is the most fan-focused football club in South Africa.Our supporters are an incredibly important part of our CTCFC family and our fan culture is undeniably progressive and unique in the landscape of South African football.This is a ritual that Cape Town City FC believes is finally uniting the city in football.

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The community development project Dream Club100 includes and empowers all amateur youth clubs in Cape Town, creating lasting relationships, while giving youth in Cape Town a clear path to achieving their professional football dreams at Cape Town City FC.

They consist of 50 members that purchase their match tickets through a single group ambassador.

These groups help fans connect and actively contribute to the club while benefitting themselves.

All branches have a unique name that identifies and iconises them as an Official CTCFC Super Fan Club.

Every new group is advertised on all CTCFC platforms and social media (so other fans can join).