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As long as you are still “curious” about his feelings, you will never move on.

Your ex on the other hand may have actually moved on even if he still has feelings for you – and I’m not saying he has or does not have feelings for you. What I do know is that someone can still be in love but not want a relationship with that person — for so many various reasons.

Just like love, sadness is an emotion you need to feel.

As long as you know when to pick yourself up again, embrace all the emotions, good and bad.

I remember when my friends tried to get me out of the house after my breakup - we had dated for over a year and was my first serious boyfriend.

They wanted me to have fun and let myself go because I was single now and free to be the woman I deserved to be. I know I would enjoy eating ice cream and pizza along with my new boyfriend.

He may have concluded things would just be the same – stressful — and decided to date someone new.

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It's not a simple one-step process to regain a lost relationship, especially if a new relationship is already in play.He may have wanted to use the “let’s be friends” zone to try and gauge for himself if things would be different this time.You obviously were either still hurting because of what happened or angry that he left you when you needed him most, and you turned the “let’s be friends” request down.I am not interested in getting back with this person, but I am curious about the feelings I guess. I can only try to piece pieces of information you’ve given me and what I know about this type of situations to try to make sense of what’s going on.My take is that your ex may have hoped that things might work between you but was not sure if the “stress” problem was behind him.