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This wasn’t just because of the gruesome nature of the case, but also because the case was so incredibly weird, and it remains unsolved to this day.

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Normally, personal relationships of Air Force members are ones of individual choice and judgment; however, if a personal relationship becomes a problem that affects the functioning of a unit, it is ceases to be personal and becomes an official concern.Relationships are unprofessional, whether pursued on or off-duty, when they detract from the authority of superiors or result in, or reasonably create the appearance of, favoritism, misuse of office or position, or the abandonment of organizational goals for personal interests.Unprofessional relationships can exist between officers, between enlisted members, between officers and enlisted members, and between military personnel and civilian employees or contractor personnel.For example, the commissioning of a civilian who is married to an enlisted.But getting married does not shield service members from charges of fraternization.

How to survive dating an airman