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I would show you a picture that features her famous tail, but I don't like to scare people with things that could terrorize an entire city like Godzilla.

Britney Spears has been rumored to have a fling with Matt Leinart.

I just have to say being at my computer, thousands of miles away from Britney is the distance I enjoy. Time., Anna Burns reminisces about her childhood in Belfast during the Troubles, a period of ethno-political conflict in Ireland.... Anna Burns is just some babe who Wes Welker sold his soul for. Carrie Prejean is married to Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller. This type of thing makes me react just like the little girl from Before I started writing for this website, I had no clue who Nadine Coyle was, let alone any of the other girls were from Girls Aloud I'm pissed about this.

Yes, she is fine now, but that doesn't mean she could suddenly snap and act like a mental patient again.I don't know who created the fabric for this dress, but I am willing get on my hands and knees to kiss their feet and cry out "I'm not worthy" repeatedly until the end of time. Prejean went through tough times when she had an honest, controversial comment about gay marriage, as well as a nude photograph. What is this magical pixie dust Spicoli uses to lure hot females like White and Scarlett Johansson into his bed? How could someone not tell me about a group that is famous for their looks and sings generic pop songs? Of course everyone knows that Gisele is with Tom Brady.

I took today's photos last Tuesday, on a tour of Downtown for the benefit of J. Eric (seen above at the Santora Building) is a graphic designer, a neon sign expert, and a knower-of-all-things Wilshire Blvd. He was also co-author with Chris Merritt of the excellent recent book, I enjoy taking people on architecture tours because I get to see things through a new set of eyes.

He's involved with the Los Angeles Conservancy, the Museum of Neon Art and the historic photo collection at the L. I've walked past this storefront in the Santora Building (1929) at least a few hundred times, but this time Eric made me stop and really appreciate details I'd missed before. Broadway, and be sure to check out the second floor interiors too. The fact that they're tearing the "Fiesta Marketplace" apart right now offered several opportunities to get clear shots of buildings that are usually obscured by signs, kiosks, lightposts, etc.

She was introduced to the world in a 2002 FHM photo shoot and has since become one of the planet's most lusted-after women.I'll stay in the back of the group and try to absorb as much information as I can.Unfortunately, I can't make it to the next one, but maybe Their next scheduled tour will begin in the formal parlor of the Dr. This event will be held in conjunction with a special Valentine's Day celebration at the Howe-Waffle House, from noon to 4pm.The interior rooms upstairs have been turned into offices, but the lobby has been restored to reflect its roots as a hotel. (Note the hotel clerk's window.) As Phil Chinn pointed out to me, "walking up those stairs is like walking back into the 1800s." For what is essentially a fairly simple brick box, the Pacific Building (1925) at 225-227 N.Broadway, is somehow one of my favorite Santa Ana buildings.