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Based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic story, this tale of a young street girl's hopes and dreams is told through dance, song and original music performed live.

Our unlikely heroine is an impoverished girl, who wanders the ever-darkening streets with just one final match to keep her warm on a cold Christmas Eve.

Join us for our brand new, gender-swapped parody of Beauty and the Beast. It is with the most sincere pride and overwhelming pleasure that Darling & Edge invites you to be our guest.

We like thigh slapping, dancing on the table, eating with your face. Torch has been quarantined in a dark, squalid room on the Lower East Side of New York City, which the locals refer to as "Beirut", after testing positive for a nameless disease.

Torch passes the time alone, forbidden from contact with the outside world.

"I spend the night in an officer's barracks, where no woman has ever set foot." In the darkest recesses of Ukraine, a war is raging. Heart-breaking, powerful and bitterly comic accounts of what it is to be a woman in wartime. For when Eric eats a banana an amazing transformation occurs. After sell out performances in London's West End, an appearance at the St James Theatre on Broadway and many international dates, The Barricade Boys are quickly securing their place as theatre land's newest and most exciting male vocal group!

A journalist takes a research trip to the front line. "A body without a head in a body bag just doesn't turn me on." This is 29 Acacia Road. Come and join the Christmas party as they, not only, perform the world's greatest show tunes but also celebrate music from some of the most iconic names in the music industry, from powerful ballads and beautiful operatic arias to some of the best pop, rock and swing numbers of all time.