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While Tamara Taylor usually keeps busy playing Jeffersonian forensics boss Dr.

Cam Saroyan on “Bones,” every actress needs something to do while the show is on hiatus.

“I think the way it’s laid out is thoughtful, and it approaches John F. from the outside looking in, as opposed to his interior looking out.” And that didn’t exactly help the actors.

“All we have is what the cameras say,” says actress Portia de Rossi, who plays Bessette.

Now to try and get 1988 vintage jeans, it’s almost impossible because everything’s so low cut.” De Rossi also “dyed her hair brown to bring it back to blond” because “Carolyn overbleached her hair.” The 30-year-old actress also wore blue contacts, red lipstick and had to completely reshape her eyebrows and re-bleach them.

Funds are being raised to pay for this series on Indiegogo through the end of May 2013.The poster reads: “America’s Prince.” That’s all the ad for the TV biopic about John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. Kennedy’s friends remain as loyal and quiet now as they did when he was alive – but still, people remain completely fascinated with him. Even though his former George magazine colleague wrote a best-selling book about his boss this year, it revealed only one thing: the author barely knew JFK Jr.Still, nothing tasteless is even alluded to – like the rumors of Carolyn’s alleged cocaine use or what caused the injury that put John’s arm in a cast (according to various reports, it was either a vague “kitchen accident,” or, as reported in three different tabloids, a vicious fight with Bessette).“Our movie is not a ripped-from-the-tabloids, tell-all lurid biopic,” says executive producer Bonnie Raskin.