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Here is the text of her entire message: Thanks for the thoughts, I will try to remember the details of ‘the shuffle’, although there’s usually some unscripted moves thrown down as well. Have a great weekend, FPOTWW Here is my original message: Good luck w/the movers.

Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know.

The objective is to have the user input Salespeople and their sales.

it will then be saved to an unsorted list then needs to be sorted alphabetically with the total, average, lowest sale, and highest slae on the sorted list.

Evil aliens with some seriously hard to pronounce names like Zzykrkv are visiting earth from their home planet, Dork—to kidnap earthlings for their science class!

That ceiling should gradually drop to €2.50 by 2022.Yes, Haley and I broke up but she's an amazing girl and what she sees in you, I sure as hell don't know, but if you hurt her I'll make you disappear! Obviously he still loved Haley or else he wouldn't be threatening him so badly. Nathan growled from his position not too far from the blonde male, lining up a shot and sinking it in. '' He shot back the blonde's words and made his way out of the gym, automatically dialing Peyton's cell. I miss you..tell Pey to answer her damn phone, too! ''Nathan chuckled and mentally reminded himself to call her, already proud of his little sister. The two started their way back to the dorms to get ready for the basketball game Duke.''You know, you wouldn't be still hurting if you were with someone else, Scott,'' he replied, thinking he was so smart. ''I mean, you're Nathan Scott, big shot basketball player and you're having problems getting girls? At the surprise in Lucas's eyes, the brunette male turned to face him and smirked. His sister, Brooke, was off in New York working on her clothing line and his best friends Peyton and Jake, were in Los Angeles and New York pursuing their dreams of music. ''My best friend in the whole is coming down this weekend and I've missed her like crazy, you have no idea! ''Oh, so that's how it works,'' he said, much to Nathan's dismay.Make It All Better A OTH ficlet Make It All Better A OTH ficlet! He asks Peyton, his best friend, to come up from LA to pretend to be his girlfriend to finally get over Haley. Nathan had just left practice when he came face to face with his ex girlfriend and first love, Haley James. Anyway...) I love it, so here's yet another ficlet to support it. Nathan runs into Haley and her fiancee, Lucas Roe, at UNC.