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“Or, you know, we laugh about it together in the Hamptons.” Harvilla: “We’re feeling buoyant,” Kellyanne Conway says at p.m.

ET, and she is the first human on Fox thus far who looks it. shifted in the last hour or so, and no one’s feeling it more than MSNBC, which doesn’t have to pretend to hide whom it’s rooting for.

He made a trenchant observation: that the Trumpist alt-right succeeded because it co-opted the energy of the counterculture and combined it with ancient racial grievances.

By doing so, they’ve appeared to have won a crushing victory — the presidency, the House, and, too soon, too soon, the Supreme Court.

Talib Kweli is sitting between them and doesn’t say much.

At one point they request an update from a thoroughly shook-looking dude sitting in front of a laptop in an otherwise deserted office. Flip back and Kweli has been replaced by Cardi B, and they’re airing World Star-esque clips of brawls in fast-food joints and golf courses and such.

He put on a fedora and glasses to demonstrate a once-planned bit about being a real reporter for once. In what feels like a rather strained grasp at hope and humor, they eventually decide on: hair. Rice University professor of history Douglas Brinkley comes on and reads from the Book of Revelation.

“People are shattered right now all across the globe,” he said.

The exhaustion was palpable — and then Williams tossed to Steve Kornacki to give an update on the count in Michigan.

Long-toothed Democratic operative James Carville looked flinty and resigned: He had done the back-of-the-envelope math, he said, and things didn’t look good. over on Viceland.” We are all entitled to our coping mechanisms.

As news of Trump’s seeming victory set in, foglike, Maddow tried to ask Steve Schmidt about the outlook for Muslim citizens in President Trump’s America. Desus and Mero’s coping mechanism is to host an anarchic live show where everyone’s cheerfully yelling at everyone else and they cut away to some random, bewildering thing every 30 seconds, possibly to keep any one thing — or the One Big Thing — from sinking in.

He wasn’t aware of it: “Well, it doesn’t do me any good financially to hear [that],” he said. However, that’s not the issue here.” (Icahn’s name has been floated as a possible Trump Cabinet appointment.) As CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera pointed out to a CNBC panel, the financial market chaos is similar to what went down during Brexit, when global equity, currency, and fixed income markets all took (significant, temporary) tumbles. If he loses, I’ll make more money, and I mean it sincerely.” Icahn added that most of his New York friends had been disagreeing with his support of Trump.

Carl Quintanilla pointed out that it might be kinda awkward to see a candidate give a victory speech amid a “violent market reaction” — although it’s hard to really see that bothering Trump. “All my friends are mad at me for doing this,” he said.

Msnbc sidebar not updating