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In each case, she treated everyone the same - whether a friend, fellow officer’s wife, politician or dignitary.

In every case, she did so with zero trepidation without stammering or faltering.

At any given gathering or when just a few were present one could often catch Mary and Bob in a room dancing cheek to cheek without any music.

Mary’s beauty was at the time matched only by her quick wit, her boldness and her ability to speak to anyone on their level.

As Mary matured, she transformed into a striking natural beauty, not so much the girl next door, but an exotic looking woman.She loved to play cards with her friends and family. Otwell (Jan) of Laurel; her daughters, Debbie Carter (Rusty) of Federalsburg, Md. Tragically, Mary lost her older brother Billy to a car accident when she was 14.She really liked to travel, especially cruises and she had been on more than 30 of them. and Bonita Lundberg of Laurel; 11 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. She attended Bridgeville Elementary and Bridgeville High School where she made lifelong friends.Never one to miss an event, Mary, when she was ailing and down with a bad back, insisted on attending a very celebrated annual party thrown in upstate Delaware by a well-known businessman and crop-duster.Bob Stuart, a friend, and his friend’s wife loaded Mary up on a stretcher, and she went to the annual party and circulated the party on a stretcher.