Safe dating challenge running new jersey

The purpose of this test is to evaluate trunk strength. On the command “GO” tuck the chin towards the chest, curl torso forward until the elbows touch the thighs.Attain a position lying on your back with the knees flexed at a 45 to 60 degree angle, feet together and approximately 18” from the buttocks. Once the elbows touch the thighs, return to a position in which the midback touches the floor. Your score will be the number of correct sit ups completed in two (2) minutes.If an Applicant obtains “0” points on any of the three tests, he or she fails the test battery regardless of his or her scores on the remaining tests.The purpose of this test is to evaluate the muscular strength and muscular endurance in your upper body.On each training day, attempt to perform full sit ups.

The program is open to high school students only and is a perfect follow-up to the Junior Solar Sprints.

Once able to complete the 1.5 miles without stopping, run part of the distance at a faster pace followed by a slower pace.

Repeat this cycle throughout the 1.5 mile distance.

The challenge requires students to design, build and race alternative energy model cars.

In the process of designing their car, students learn about fuel cell technology.

Safe dating challenge running new jersey