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Reading this has allowed me to detach for the first time from all the pain, sorrow, and depression I have not been able to shake off despite seeking professional help.""I am in the Stage 3 of dealing with the cheating and this is definitely a rough one.I have to say that reading that page is actually what convinced me to buy your book.The book is written in similar fashion as all other articles on this site, so if you find this site helpful for you, it is quite likely that you will find the book helpful as well.I am very grateful for everyone who chooses to download it, by doing so you are helping me to keep this site going. If you understand the biological and psychological basis of negative emotions, you can learn to control them better and hence decrease the intensity of emotional pain.

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Imagine if there was a button you could push to make your painful feelings go away.Most people who are in a relationship with a narcissistic person or who are dealing with emotional pain due to infidelity would not hesitate to push that button.Unfortunately there is no such button, but luckily there are other methods that help to get over the emotional pain.It is crucial to understand what the actual source of the pain is.When you are walking on the street, no one is aware of the pain in your mind.