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We are all retired and in our early sixties and the other three of us are married. She must have been sick at least twice and could not settle into anything.

Before one game last season we met at Weatherspoons in Bristol as it is a short walk to Ben's flat.… I have been visiting a mistress for a number of years now and having lots of good times with her - lots of sex but always protected and always during the daytime However recently she reached 60 and decided to retire from being a whore I wanted to celebrate her life of prostitution with her and suggested we had a few days away in London She went and got STD tested and it all came back clear and so I booked a hotel in London for a week and… She spent two hours getting ready and was still not happy. I gave her a glass of wine to settle her nerves, but she looked terribly anxious.

When I felt particularly bored, or horny, I would pay a visit to the local adult cinema in the city centre. I'm a slut and a swinger and I had to laugh at Louisa's earlier account of her trip to Cap d'Agde Naturiste Village. It took a few years for the whole story to come out ,but I did know she had 2 long term bf's and one two week fling before me. Her bf at the time gradually feeling her tits (32c cup) and then moving onto wanking each other. We belong to a local swingers group and up to now how only swopped with other couples ,but at our last meeting in a local pub we both got very drunk ,and she got into a conversation with two very good looking black guys and their partners.

I’d go prepared - loose fitting trousers and no underpants. Quite a few years ago now, when I was in my twenties and thirties, I used to indulge in the excitement of sex with strangers. Not because they were funny or outrageous but because they were so very similar to my first trip. People on this site often ask where the places alluded to in the stories are and Cap d'Agde appears quite fr… I'm sorry it's a bit long so I've had to divide it into parts - I hope you don't mind? We all got on very well and when the pub closed we invite… I made it to the age of 19 without having a sexual thought about another man.

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“Same boring shopping run as me.” “yes you the same”? And at 19.5 years old her sex appetite was growing rapidly.

If she stayed with her lover he fucked her Friday night, Saturday morning, again in the afternoon and at night after a date. I have been having a long-time online affair with a guy 10 years younger than me and who lives halfway across the globe.

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I’d go prepared - loose fitting trousers and no underpants. It was late July and the sun was slowly going down over the horizon. I played rugby for the local club, 'B' team, and was trying for the 'A' team. Despite playing rugby I was shy and awkward around girls. I know that I proposed because I loved her, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it wa… I do have some more fact meetings with L & H to share but I thought I would share this one as it was a random event (unusual for me as I like a "long term" arrangement) .

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I'm 48 married and in decent shape, taxi driver was about 35 and also in decent shape. When the evening came to a close he asked for her phone number and when it was time to say good night, gave J a kiss and a hug and shook my hand and he asked if we could all go out for a drink again, and we said that would be nice. My wife Barbara is 5ft2tall slim with 36dd breasts of which she is very proud.

So two or three days later he sent J a msg and said that he… Quite a few years ago now, when I was in my twenties and thirties, I used to indulge in the excitement of sex with strangers. This is a very long one but there are no clear points at which I can break it up – Sorry! She has told me everything about her past in intimate detail. By not doing or saying anything I seemed to encourage it, this came about quite unexpectedly after our family was off our hands my wife Sue may of been lost after the kids had moved on she tried to get back into the workplace with out much luck in the end she volunteered to do some charity work that is how she met Barry a full time worker for the charity Barry was in his mid twenties one of them enthusiastic sort of guys he put his everything … This is not a finished story but please read and provide feedback :) I just couldn't believe the day I had, I was so glad to finally get home, dealing with clients all day was sometimes tedious but today it was just exhausting, and to make matters worse it wasn't over as I knew I still had some quotes to do when I got in and it was already getting on 6 pm, but I just kept telling myself, at least it's Friday. She was a virgin when I met her but over the years has grown to love sex.