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One January morning while walking to coffee about a year and a half after opening Traif, Heather and Jason decided to ask the landlords of a vacant former restaurant down the street of their intentions with that space.

After a positive meeting, Heather and Jason began to wonder about their next venture.

The goal will be to create a menu of modern Mexican dishes that echo Mexican cuisine: past, present, and future.

The truth is as follows: Jason Marcus and Heather Heuser met while working in a restaurant in San Diego in 2005.

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and what if Heather found her passion for service and hospitality while working in major hotels, boutique restaurants, and tiny dive bars…

thai esquites, sweet corn, tom yum broth, red curry aioli, cotija grilled carrots “elote,” honey butter, lime crema, coriander, feta, dill blistered shishito peppers, spicy watermelon, queso fresco, almonds, tequila vin.

fried Brussels sprouts, strawberries, currants, sunflower seeds, sweet-spicy vin.

Mexican recipes will feature non-Mexican ingredients and vice-versa.

Jason’s hope is that diners will see Mexican food differently through his eyes: his experiences, memories, and ideas.