Validating event

If the user triggers a control focus event, then Siebel Open UI runs the validator before it calls the event.Siebel Open UI uses the the value that the validator returns to determine whether or not to run the custom event handler and the predefined event handler.

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The example in this topic does some custom validation, and then runs an event handler in a custom presentation model named derivedpm2

If validation is used at the cell level, the value of the cell being edited (current cell) will be validated as soon as the current cell changes.

This is most commonly used for cells that already contain data (i.e., Data Cell). Cancel to true in the row's Ending Edit event or in the cell's Leaving Edit event, it is also possible to throw an exception and catch it in the Validation Error event (see Example 3).

The Cell Editor Manager's Validate method can be used to validate if the editor's value is valid before it is assigned to the underlying cell.

In addition to the built-in validation provided by the Validate method, the Validating event can be handled to provide additional validation criteria.