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One of the most anticipated rock shows of the summer of ’99 was the Poison reunion tour, which brought back together singer Bret Michaels, bassist Bobby Dall, drummer Rikki Rockett, and guitarist C. After the split, Poison continued without De Ville, replacing him with Ritchie Kotzen and releasing Native Tongue in ’93. The original lineup split following the release of Swallow This Live in ’91, and had not performed together since.It wasn’t preposterous to think that one day fate would offer them another chance to work together. The group put together a 90-minute set that included all of its greatest hits and concert favorites.It was Dall who took the first step in bringing them together for a summer tour. Now fully-recovered from his indulgence in the excesses of the ’80s, De Ville has claimed his sobriety and emerged looking like a new man.I think people can appreciate things more in hindsight, and the bands with hits will sustain over time. Bobby called me a few years ago and asked what I thought about getting back together.At the time the band wasn’t doing anything and I had just gotten sober, so I thought it was a good idea.Buff and toned, he has dedicated hundreds of hours to improving his physique and honing his chops.

Now it’s just okay for them to say that I’m “alright.” But it certainly wasn’t like that 10 years ago.By the time we finally did get together, I figured it would be better to do a tour, instead of trying to record an album.I wasn’t sure if I was ready to actually go into the studio with the band.Then he called me a year later and said he was still working it out (laughs).Everyone was off in different places and finishing different things.