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“I purposefully didn’t want people to know too much about my personal life because I think a lot of people give it away for free.

It features such lavish accoutrements as a pair of carved wooden leopards flanking the sofa (no, me neither).Well, Josh Harnett is one of those celebrities who love to keep his family life private. Well, Josh, who is quiet of a private person, loves to keep his personal life very private.And to find out about the relationship status of such a private person is not easy.He is brainy rather than beefcake, more concerned with subtlety than six-packs.His career path indicates a performer more interested in intelligence and indie flicks than box-office and blockbusters.), this drama is a dark and disturbing mash-up of many of Victorian literature’s most scary monsters, including Frankenstein’s Creature, Count Dracula and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.