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Ahh, “crewdates.” These weekly socials for sports teams – or anyone who fancies creating a college drinking society – are built on a combination of dodgy curry, cheap alcohol and sex.

The Urban Dictionary says of them: “Fancy dress is common but optional, consuming vast quantities of alcohol is compulsory.

Like the finest five-star hotels, Day Aviation is as renowned for its discretion as it is for its efficiency.

Premier Aviation is an Aircraft Charter Brokerage service.

We offer Tiger Moth flights using the worlds largest fleet of beautifully restored Tiger Moths as well as offering a number of flying experiences in other aircraft.

Each air experience provides a unique and exhilarating, once in a lifetime adventure.

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Dorset Aviation offers Pleasure Flights, Trial Lessons, Flying Lessons, PPL training, Commercial pilot training, Bournemouth based, we also offer Pilot lessons, Private pilot licence, Charter flights, Aerial photography.

Choose from airplane flight schools, helicopter training schools or any of the aviation colleges located worldwide.

The most direct flight path to a rewarding career as pilot is to find the flight training school or college that will help you fulfill you dream. Delta Aviation is the UKs leading Tiger Moth flight experience operator - flying from over 17 different locations throughout the UK.

Execflyer Air charter is an online solution for the procurement of air charter services.

Execflyer allows clients a wide view of the market with minimal time and effort spent on the task.